Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Thinking about quilting

So I've been thinking about quilting recently.  I think, totally inspired by Soulemama - she is the most amazing woman and I am totally in awe in everything she does!!  So in one of her recent posts Soulemama described how she and her daughter, just decided and then knocked up a quilt - just like that.  Well I thought that looks easy - or it looks easy for someone who has made lots of quilts and is a domestic goddess to boot.  But never put off by my shortcomings and lack of ability, something started to formulate in my mind.  An old and beloved duvet cover which is starting to wear at the edges, which luckily enough is patchwork in design - hmmm this could be an easy way to make a quilt.  What with the fact that our first camping trip of the year is this Friday, it also meant I had a tight deadline too - ah nothing like a bit of pressure!!

My back and knees are a little achey from kneeling on the floor but it is all pinned out - now for a spot of sewing.  And if I have time two mini quilts for the little people and some bunting too - eeekkk!!!  It's definately a case of watch this space . . .

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