Monday, 20 June 2011

Re-use and grow

It's a bit on the lines of Make Do and Mend! We bought a new BBQ at the weekend and as I drove home I started to think about getting rid of the old one and how it was going to be a real pain taking it to the tip.  Then a flash of inspiration!  I had DH taking off it's legs, filling it with compost and now we have our very own salad planter - OK not a very attractive planter I grant you but I'm so pleased we managed to find another use for that grotty old BBQ!
While I was out and about with my camera I thought I would give you a bit of an update on the state of our produce.  As you can see below the potatoes are completely out of control!
I'm pleased with my newly weeded veggie patch with deer protection!  I had almost given up hope of the garlic growing, but there it is, growing well, along with the Borlotti Beans, Runner Beans, the odd rouge potato plant and a pumpkin plant!  Ooops I almost forgot the carrots, which in fact do need thinning out.
The greenhouse has been taken over by tomato, pepper, chilli pepper and courgette plants.

Lots of courgette flowers which will hopefully mean lots of courgettes to eat soon - luckily I have a whole host of courgette recipes all ready and waiting!!  

How is your garden growing?


  1. Diversifying into market business idea? All looks scrummy...

  2. Well maybe with the potatoes . . . I'm sure we have grown far more than we will ever be able to eat before they grow mouldy!!

  3. good to see the old BBQ being "up-cycled" :)

  4. Thanks I was pretty pleased with my up-cycling too!!