Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Mollie Makes: A Review

I was having a little wander around blogland recently and stumbled upon this new magazine, Mollie Makes, it had created quite a buzz amongst us crafty types.  Now I'm not really a craft magazine buyer.  The covers tend to put me off before I even venture inside, they tend to be too busy and feature projects that are just not appealing enough to make.  I'm also a bit of a stick in the mud when it comes to magazines and tend to just buy the one, Country Living, mainly because they have gorgeous covers and lovely photos . . . (can you see a theme going on here?!)  

So I thought I would give Mollie Makes a try.  When I picked it up off the shelf I just loved the feel of the magazine, a slightly stiff cover, with a mat finish and cute felt flower give away on the front too - well that sold it to me straight away!  Inside didn't disappoint either.  A good array of gorgeous photos to keep me happy, details of 7 different craft projects to make from cute felt animals to pin cushions, a couple of interviews and more.  Although I haven't made anything featured the instructions and photos looked easy to follow.  All in all I was impressed.  Some of the online criticisms I had read of the magazine were about the amount of adverts there are - and yes there are a lot, but I didn't think it distracted from the magazine at all and in fact I found them useful - a really nice looking wool shop in Bath - I feel a road trip coming on . . .!

One of the other things I liked about the magazine was how they mentioned crafty people who blog and featured items from people's Etsy shops, it really felt that talented individuals who write blogs and sell through Etsy are getting some recognition too.  I also liked the craft event calender - wonderful idea.

The only other criticism of the magazine that I read online centered around the cost and at £4.99, it is more expensive than my CL magazine.  But cleverly they have a deal where you can get three issues for £5 - well I will certainly sign up for these and see how the issues develop -  whether this magazine becomes a monthly addition to my shopping basket or an ad hoc buy well it will all depend on those cover shots!  But it is beautifully produced and inspirational and a wonderful breathe of fresh air amongst some very staid craft magazines.  Well done Mollie Makes!

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