Saturday, 18 June 2011

Love and Stories

DH told me last night that his boss had said he was a good story teller.  It planted a seed in my mind.  Then today, a day for thinking about love and marriage, I thought that's one of the reasons I love DH, he tells a good story.  Sometimes you don't always realise the many things that draws you to another and makes you choose them to spend your life with.  Then there are days like today, when you catch a glimpse, get reminded of something and it makes you smile and feel all warm inside.

Today, my friend Fiona is getting married.  When I think of what I might wish for her in her married life, it is lots of those glimpses, those moments of feeling warm and lots of smiles!

This is my small stone for Fiona and Kaspa - not a usual one, but that's what came to me!  Also I've added some sweetpeas for good luck.  Sweetpeas will forever remind me of my wedding day as I walked down the aisle holding a bunch! 

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