Thursday, 28 July 2011

Garden round up

As July draws to a close, I thought a quick garden round up was in order.  As the summer holidays stretch out before us, the flowers are echoing that summery feel, with hot colours everywhere! 

Bright yellows

Oranges and reds . . .
I'm always amazed by gardening, I've not really done much planning or design, it's been more a case of planting what I like; but despite this hapzard approach to my garden design I have managed to get some all year colour - not much I grant you, but enough to make me smile and think I've made a start!  My gardening knowledge is basic but there have been a few little nuggets that I've picked up along the way.  Always plant in 3's or 5's seems to be the mantra of most gardeners.  Then my sister-in-law said that the most successful gardens she has seen are those that have the same planting repeated around the garden so that your eye is drawn around.  So there you are, we are in the season of the hots!

I've also got a lovely new addition to the garden in the form of this willow heart, a present from a lovely friend of mine who visited at the weekend with her gorgeous family.  I'm rather taken with it, and it fits in wonderfully with my love birds!
The vegtables continue to grow, and I wish that I had planted some earlier as there is nothing to eat at the moment!  It's a little like survival of the fitness in our garden at the moment, a roe deer ate all our lettuce - luckily we will have the beans - well so far it seems!
May the glut soon be upon us!!

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