Saturday, 30 July 2011

Princess and the Pea: The sequel (part 1 ...!)

I think I have become rather addicted to needle felting.   There is something quite calming about stabbing a small rolled up ball of wool, rolling it around in your fingers as you stab, to create a 'pea'!  Something similar, I guess, to stress balls high powered executives were meant to squeeze in the 80's!  Anyway, luckily my first attempt of making a pea, after the last one mysteriously disappeared, ended up looking more the size of a sprout or small cabbage, so I had to make another one - oh the disappointment!!  So here we have the pea - I have every expectation that this pea won't last long before it too becomes lost, so I will be needle felting for quite some time.

I've also fashioned a ladder, as requested by Flopsy Bunny, from some twigs and gold thread - following along the lines of SouleMama's ladder.  Flopsy Bunny hasn't quite forgotten her list of things still needed . . . but I'm hoping that the 'pea green dress' might be the last thing that is really needed and then I can put this project to bed - so to speak!!!

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