Tuesday, 3 April 2012

... and relax

Phew, what a week we had in the run up to the Easter holidays!  There was an egg to be decorated . . .

. . . as an inspirational person - Flopsy Bunny went for Neil Armstrong!!  We also had eggs to decorate for the annual egg rolling down the big hill in our village.  Then there were the shows. . .!  Little Roo was in a little Spring show for nursery, it was so lovely to see all these 3 and 4 year olds singing along, so cute.  Then Flopsy Bunny was in a ballet show, she was a Tinkerbell fairy and danced beautifully and then in the second half she was in Lion King and sang and acted her little heart out - I was so proud of her.

Now we can relax, the Easter holidays are upon us and we have made absolutely no plans - how wonderful!  Yesterdays high light was Daisy chain making and we are hoping for other laid back days to follow.

Don't worry there has been some secret Easter making going on too and all will be revealed at the weekend!

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