Friday, 20 April 2012

Blankets for Mice

Flopsy Bunny asked the other day what I was knitting.  'Blankets' I said and she had a good look at them then said 'they're a bit small'.  'Ah' I said, 'that's because they are blankets for mice!'  OK a bit of a silly response, but I had no idea Flopsy Bunny would be taking it seriously.  She has now been talking non stop about needing a cage for the mice and how many would we be getting!!!!  Eeek memo to self, never make silly comments to children as they will take them literally.  It did bring back memories of my own childhood, when I waited in anticipation for several weeks after my dad had said he was 'going to see a man about a dog', every evening I would wait for him to come back with the dog until at last I asked him and found to my dismay it was just a saying and he had gone out to visit a friend . . . !

Anyway this is the knitting I'm zooming along with, which I'd like to finish before I start on this!

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