Thursday, 10 May 2012


We've just taken on a new 'little'(!) venture with another family.  Our village has just made some land available for about 30 allotment plots and already it is beginning to feel like a little community as everyone tries to get their plots into a fit state to plant something for this year.  It's very exciting although a bit daunting too, but as we are sharing the plot we hope it will be manageable and we will be able to grow more vegetables and fruit than we can currently.  Of course the mummy's priorities have been painting the shed, thinking about bunting and curtains - oh and a spot of veg growing too!!

We've also had a bit of wildlife excitment already. This grass snake was hiding under a pile of wood and for a moment we thought it might have been an adder.  Luckily fearless DH rehoused him and the little ones were very excited about the whole thing and spent hours looking at the patch of ground in case they got another glimpse!!

We managed to plant some pototoes last weekend and this weekend will see a lot of seed planting, beans, peas, beetroot.  Then there are all the seedlings I have coming along in our green house - which includes the potential glut of lettuce plants - I have 64 currently that all look set to mature in the same week - eek - I should have sown them little and often I know!

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