Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Coming together

You may remember these little blankets for mice a while back?  Well, they multiplied . . .

 and then started to join together in a friendly, cosy kind of way . . .

until they just needed an outside border (which I fear is going to be the tricky bit as I'm not sure I have a circular needle long enough - only time will tell!).   Whilst I was picking up stitches and knitting interconnecting bits I did think - surely there was an easier way to do this - i.e as one piece of knitting, but then that would have meant I would have had to be super organised and worked out how I wanted each block to look like.  Instead they have just organically come together, one block at a time and I've really enjoyed that.  I'm also really enjoying the whole effect - almost too good to be a car blanket I'm now thinking . . . !

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