Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Curled corners and frogging

I'm not sure what happened last week, I seemed to have been on another planet - so many things got overlooked, including two important meetings that I simply forgot about!  I've decided that just wafting through the week is no longer working and I've resolved to be organised, well at least look at the calendar on Monday to see what I should be doing!!

One of the things that I didn't forget, and in fact was really looking forward to, was our trip to Lancashire to visit our lovely friends there.  It was going to be a long car journey both there and back and so I decided to take my blanket to finish off in the car, which I did.  I cast off on the way up and sewed in the ends on the way back.  But when we got back home and I spread out the finished article and looked at THOSE corners, I just thought, they are never going to be flat however much ironing and pressing I might do!  I should have known really, I had forgotten temporarily that to do garter stitch on circular needles you need to knit one row and purl the next (don't ask me why!!), anyway, I just knitted each row and when I saw that it was coming out as stocking stitch, thought oh well, I quite like the different texture look- completely forgetting (yes, it's happening ALOT recently) that stocking stitch hems ALWAYS curl - Arrrggghhh!!!!  So like trying to pull a plaster off your leg or arm (you've got to do it quickly and at that moment before you change your mind), I quickly frogged the border, trying not to think of all the time it had taken to knit!  I'm back on track again now, garter stitch coming along nicely, hopefully soon I'll have something like a finished article to show you!!

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