Thursday, 5 December 2013

Christmas Crossstitch

There's nothing like Christmas to kick start some crafting activity.  I know it has been a bit quiet on this blog on the craft front this year and it is not from a lack of desire or interest it is just that my attentions have been elsewhere.  But with Christmas round the corner my craft to do list has suddenly sprung into action and is growing at an alarming rate.

This is my first attempt at crossstitch and I have to say that I am hooked!!  Although a couple of worrying things have been discovered along the way.  Mainly that I need my eyes tested and I probably need glasses, I did find it difficult to see all the little holes I needed to make my stitch into!  I also discovered that as the lighting in the sitting room is quite low it makes seeing all the more difficult so I have been crossstitching by head torch, much to DH's amusement and despair - luckily he is very accepting of all my various foibles!

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