Monday, 9 December 2013

Superhero Party

Little Roo, our little super boy turned 5 on Friday - crikey 5 - doesn't time fly - which means, I've just realised, that this blog must be 5 too - birthdays all round!!  Little Roo, being 5, is very into his superhero's; Spiderman is his personal favourite but he loves superman, ninja turtles, batman, well in fact any superhero, so it wasn't difficult to come up with a theme for his party!  He is also a bit of a groover on the quiet - must take after his mummy! - so a superhero disco party it was!

I really enjoyed organising this party, I did a lot of lovely research, searching the internet for ideas and came across lots of amazing ideas.  I had had this idea that I would make everyone a superhero mask for their party bag and after a bit of searching around came across some gorgeous superhero masks by Slowmama, who had got the templates from Ambrosiagirl.  I loved the shape of the masks and the fact that there was a boy and a girl version.

I also loved the extra detailing of the star that Slowmama had added so I decided to add a star to the girl masks and a lightening bolt to the boy masks.  Luckily when it comes to making 20 superhero masks I didn't need to rush out and buy any supplies - no, being a horder and craft addict I had a whole box of felt - it did make me feel very happy (and virtuous) to be using up my stash!!  I made the masks double thickness and added the details on first before sewing the two sides together, catching in the elastic as I went!

I also found a great idea at Millybee for some superhero capes to add to lollipops and I added these to the party bag as well!  A lovely idea and so great that she has made the download available for everyone to use!  I managed to find some great pop art online too which I used to make some cake toppers for the cake!

Of course being nearly 8 Flopsy Bunny was far too cool for a pretty superhero mask and went for a black version instead which she can use when she is playing spy's!!  Little Roo loved his party, he had a wonderful day and it was lovely to watch my not so little boy and all his friends getting along so well and really enjoying themselves!  Happy Birthday my lovely boy!

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