Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Lavender blue

We have three large lavender bushes outside our front door and every year I promise myself that I will pick some to dry. In fact I did do that one year but my mother-in-law pointed out that I had picked the lavender too late which threw me as I didn't know that there was a right time! So I have scouted around on the internet and found this fab site which tells you all you need to know about drying lavender - well I hope so! So it being a dry day today, which is essential as it cuts down on the drying time, I have just popped out to pick those stems that still have flowers on them. Again picking in the early evening means that you are picking the flowers at their driest and I will be bundling them up and putting them in paper bags and tucking them up in my airing cupboard later tonight! Check back in a month and hopefully I will have some lavender bags to show you!!

PS I'm sorry about the dark splodge on this photo my camera seems to have developed a rash! Hopefully it will be curable.

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