Monday, 16 August 2010

Digging for treasure

I never realised that growing vegetables could be sooo much fun but I'm definitely hooked on potatoes. DH's dad gave us some seed potatoes earlier this year. We dutifully chited them, planted them and watered them. DH built a rather impressive deer guard around our veggie patch in the hope of keeping the deer away, stopping these bean thiefs and flower munchers from having their wicked way! Then we just waited and watched. The plants grew, flowered and died back and then we waited again - not sure why but didn't want to go in too early and we still weren't convinced we would find any potatoes - but we did!!! We spent an exciting hour yesterday morning spotting potatoes as I carefully turned the soil over - it was so exciting!! Just like digging for buried treasure. I think I've got them all and we will be munching on our new potatoes for supper this week.

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