Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The beginnings of a new project

I can't quite believe that it was almost a year ago that I posted about this pile of fabric that I had just bought; and there it has patiently sat - except for the top two red ones which I made into Nellie! - until now! The time is right, or rather I suddenly felt that time was slipping away and that if I didn't get started on this project, which is something for Flopsy Bunny, she would be too old for it and wouldn't be interested in what I had made!!

So I have made a start and I have learnt something about myself. That if I don't start something it can sit on a To Do list for a very long time but as soon as I make a start it suddenly becomes more present and more difficult to put to one side and generally I just get on with what I've been planning to make, however slowly it takes. Having said that I've just remembered a top that just needs it's zip putting in!!! So it was funny to read Simple Mom's post Perfection: the thief of "good enough" and think 'that's me!' as part of why I've put this particular project off is that I want to make a good job of it, but it is something that I'm designing myself so I'm worried that it won't turn out as well as the vision I have in my head! Anyway, I have thrown caution to the wind and started to think who is this really for, me or Flopsy Bunny? As she won't care that my design isn't quite perfect enough!

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