Friday, 21 October 2011

Knitting Graffiti

The lovely Sarahwoodonline shared this article with me and a couple of our friends and well it has made us all giggle and more disturbingly they have decided that I too need to be a graffiti knitter - I'm meant to be taking on Oxford!!  Deadly Knitshade, the organiser of the knitting graffiti states on her webpage that the aim of
"Guerilla knitting or ‘yarnstorming’ is the art of conjuring up a piece of knitting or crochet, taking it out in the world, releasing it into the wild, and running away like a mad thing"
Well never one to turn down a challenge it has got me thinking - maybe not Oxford but I might have a sneaky go in our village.  What really did it for me was the fact you need some great assumed name - how cool is Deadly Knitshade?  I'm thinking Ninja Knitter as my assumed name and I will need a knitted eye mask - probably something in reds and pinks with stripes (obviously!).  I think the "running always giggling wildly" afterwards is what I am looking forward to the most!!!

Anyway, I have the small matter of a cardigan to finish first though . . . !

Doh! I've just read more of Deadly Knitshade's website and discovered there already is a Knitting Ninja!! Back to the drawing board on the name front - any ideas??!!


  1. how about Knitty Nora the Yarn Explorer? Or if you want to go all graffiti gangster, you could become the Bobble Bomber

  2. Ooo very good but I'm now thinking of stealth stitcher!

  3. Liking the new name proposition: how about adding a 'y'? Thought of you today as I was just 3 miles away from a place called 'Wool'! Surely a contender for future relocation or at the very least a 'yarnstorm'!