Monday, 31 October 2011

Spookiness, 200th post and a giveaway!!

We are all geared up for a night of spooky spookiness.  The pumpkin has been carved . . .
there's also a window display . . .

and of course the old favourites - the pumpkin head banner.   The costumes are also ready, Little Roo will be going as a wicked wizard and Flopsy Bunny has chosen a skeleton costume for this year.  Pop back tomorrow to check out Flopsy Bunny's underwater creature costume that she will wearing tomorrow for her water topic day at school.  I must admit I am rather proud of it!

Also on an entirely different note - this is my 200th post!!  I'm not quite sure how I've managed that but there you go.  Anyway, in honour of this landmark I will give away a free copy of my sweetheart cushion pattern for any knitters out there.  Just leave a comment before 8pm on Friday 4th November!


  1. Wow, congrats on 200! Does the pattern have a 'knit-by' date? Will it disintegrate after this date has passed??!

  2. Congratulations!! A copy of the pattern will be winging it's way through cyberspace shortly! Dont worry it doesn't self destruct if not knitted straight away!!