Thursday, 6 October 2011

Boxy loveliness

Yes, I'm at it again, covering boxes!  This time it's a box file - it's all part of me getting more organised (hope you are liking how I've managed to bring in some craftiness into all this organisation!!).  Anyway an annoying area of my kitchen was this big pile of correspondence, the pending stuff that requires some input before filing or recycling and in the past it has just sat in a big unsightly pile next to the kettle.  I've tried several things, like putting the pile on a lovely old silver tray that my grandmother gave me, but no it still looked like a messy heap on a tray!  Then flicking through a Cath Kidston catalog I came across these lovely box files but I bulked at the price and couldn't really justify it - even if it helped me get more organised.  Then the brainwave struck, boring old box file, big bottle of PVA glue and some gorgeous Zoffany wallpaper that I really really wanted on my dining room wall but the light in that room just didn't work for the paper and I still had the sample (which I think just proves why hoarding is such a very good thing!!).  So there you have it, one lovely box file, filled with lots of papery bits and bobs and when it gets full I have to chuck something out - a perfect system! 

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