Monday, 10 October 2011

Knitting News

Well I finally plucked up the courage to unpick most of the knitting I had done, back to where it had all gone wrong.  Although it is always hard to do I'm glad I am back on track and I am just LOVING this pattern.  It is sooooo clever, knitted top down and in one piece, no seams to sew and look you can try it on as you go along to make sure it fits!!!

I feel like I'm really motoring along on it now, which is just as well as a new knitting shop has just opened up in my nearest local town.  So very exciting but also so very dangerous too (to my bank balance and queue of projects!).  I haven't ventured in yet but I did have a quick look through the window at the books and lovely shelving before it opened.  As you can imagine I have been updating my knitting wish list of knitting projects over at Ravelry . . .

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